10 Funny Gag Gift Ideas Under 20 Dollars

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Rob Frankel said...

Official Proclamations (http://www.OfficialProclamations.com) are full color, funny, appreciative Official Certificates of Appreciation, which customers purchase and download in a minute. Because every Proclamation is personalized, every one issued is unique and original -- even as a last minute gift. You can download a free sample on the home page of the site).

The idea is that people fill out a form, download, slip it into a frame -- for under $10. And because OfficialProclamations are high resolution PDF files, they can be printed out by anyone, up to 11" x 17".

There are Official Proclamations for:

Best Boss Ever
Best Boyfriend Ever
Best Brother Ever
Best Dad Ever
Best Daughter Ever
Best Friend Ever
Best Girlfriend Ever
Smartest Graduate
Best Husband Ever
Best Mom Ever
Best Sister Ever
Best Son Ever
Best Teacher
Best Wife Ever
Best Grandma Ever
Best Grandpa Ever

And we're always adding more!

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